The Thursday Table

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Years ago, an idea was hatched by my good friend Rowly Milhinch at Scion in Rutherglen: a project called The Young Bunch. You might remember it – a group of young wine peeps doing fun, social, food focused wine events in Melbourne. It was part of a growing scene of winemakers realising it made sense to join forces to reach our beloved customers.

Six years on and we’re at it again: This time, with a group of local winemakers who I’m proud to call my friends. A group of people so full of life, love and talent it makes my heart swell. Its a similar concept to Young Bunch but with a North East Vic focus.

It’s called The Thursday Table.

There is a restaurant in Beechworth called The Ox and Hound which on Thursdays the offers BYO for very reasonable corkage. For people who collect, love or make wine, this is a godsend. We started eating here on Thursdays about two years ago, each bringing along wines we’ve made, discovered or thought were worthy of an argument. It’s all about great wine, great food and sharing stories. Over time, with encouragement from our family and friends, an idea was hatched to host a wine dinner.

The Thursday Table is Peter Graham from Domenica (Beechworth), Rowly Milhinch from Scion (Rutherglen), Chris Catlow from Sentio (Beechworth), Simon Killeen from Simao & Co (Rutherglen) and Tess Brown and Jeremey Schmolzer from VS&B (Beechworth), and myself. We are dinner pals, dreamers and we’ve all dedicated our foreseeable lives to vineyards and wine. Our wines represent particular vineyards, wines made in tiny quantities, wines made with detail and dedication and wines which, most importantly – we love to drink.

The conversation returns often to the North East region. It’s magnificent. Our Whitlands vineyard, on the snow line grows grapes perfect for sparkling and aromatic pint gris. Yet an hours drive away is Rutherglen where warmer climate vineyards shape textured whites, intense reds & elegant fortifieds. Beechworth and Alpine valleys fill out the middle – cool-ish, with unique sites suited particularly to world class chardonnay and shiraz. It is a region of contrasts, diversity, fascinating history and really, really good wine.

There is plenty to celebrate which is why we’ve decided to take our show on the road. We’ll eat great food and talk a bit about our wines, but mostly we want to share a meal with our family friends, customers and supporters. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with updates



The Premier Cru: From Left to Right : Clare, Tess Brown, Simon Killeen, Rowly MIlhinch. Sitting Down Jeremy Schmolzer & Peter Graham

The Premier Cru: From Left to Right : Clare, Tess Brown, Simon Killeen, Rowly MIlhinch. Sitting Down Jeremy Schmolzer & Peter Graham

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